Sarah Radev
- freelance writer -

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I am a freelance writer based in South Wales where I live with my husband and two children.

I have an MA degree in Film & TV studies and English Literature from the University of Glasgow where I was also a memeber of the scuba diving club and involved in the student television station as news editor.

After graduating I moved to the sunny island of Rhodes in Greece where I worked as a film editor for a local television station and an underwater videographer for a scuba diving school. Now I love to write about the experiences I have had in life and share the expertise I have in my chosen subjects with others through the power of the English language.

I write a regular column for Kennel & Cattery Management, and have been published in local magazine The Rogerstone Directory and Best of British magazine. Please browse the above links for samples of my work.

I have also been published in The Observer with an account of 'My Crap Holiday'.