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Chapter 1

I have just finished my first novel Under a Burning Sky for which I am currently seeking representation.

Under a Burning Sky follows three main characters, Isabel, Katherine and Luke, who all find themselves living in the Welsh Industrial town of Blaenavon in the early nineteenth century. Isabel and Katherine have a strong mother-daughter relationship that is tested to its limits when Isabel falls for strolling player Luke, a relationship forbidden by her parents, and leaves her family to chase across the country after him. Luke has his own problems to deal with in the form of a physically abusive father who has returned from the French Wars a damaged man. Luke dreams of performing on the London stage at Drury Lane, and works hard to save the money he needs to begin a new life there with Isabel. In their desperate fight to follow their dreams while still struggling to survive the harsh world they live in they find their way to an end that is touched with tragedy and new beginnings.