Sarah Radev
- freelance writer -

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Choosing a Cattery

'Choosing a Cattery' has been published in local magazine The Rogerstone Directory and I write a regular column for Kennel & Cattery Management.

The subjects I specialise in are:-

- English Literature - I have a Joint MA degree in English Literature (& Film and Television Studies) from the University of Glasgow. My favourite classic authors are Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.

- Film & Television - I have a Joint MA degree in Film and Television Studies (and English Literature) from the University of Glasgow

- Travel articles - about South Wales where I grew up and Greece which is a country I am very familair with having lived there for over a year as well having a long term relationship with the culture.

- Scuba Diving - having worked as an underwater videographer in Greece I have developed a great interest in underwater photography and write articles reviewing dive sites.

- Cats - my family has been running a cattery for fifteen years now. I am a great lover of animals and use the knowledge gained from the cattery to provide advice for others.